About Us

DistinctWorlds came about one very late night in Berlin, Germany in 2004 after a lot of drinking and talking. What has transpired since then has been a whole lot of nothing or failed attempts at trying something new with this site and a lot of sub-domains that were created over the years for little pet projects. It was one hot afternoon in July 2012 on the walk home from a local brewery that the idea was tossed out; we are what one would consider being foodies. We take a lot of pictures of the different food that we eat. We love our food pr0n, and we enjoy torturing our friends with those pictures on various social media sites. Why not turn DistinctWorlds into a site for all of our food pr0n? This worked out somewhat for a while, but it transformed into a spot for Jen to just post from Twitter.

In late 2016/early 2016, Chris & Jen had another brain flash. Chris is recording videos of our trips to Walt Disney World, why don’t we start creating trip videos of our journeys and allow others to come along on our journey too. So with their May 2016 trip booked, they set out to start recording videos and slowly posting them onto their YouTube channel. 2017 has come about, and they have four trips planned out to Walt Disney World for Chris to participate in runDisney events. There might be random guest posts during one of the trips, but we will be posting here when we can, giving updates on upcoming trips, new videos being posted to our YouTube channel, and anything else in general that tips our fancy at the moment.