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Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles – 8/31/14

Niekon/ August 31, 2014/ Restaurant/ 0 comments

With an 8am opening, I arrived at the location near the corner of Orangewood & Harbor in the Anaheim Resort District about 25 minutes early expecting there to be a line-up already taking place. There was a line-up, but it started to really appear after I arrived. I was the 2nd party in line… Just waiting for the doors to open at 8am. 8am arrived… The doors opened… And then the flood of people began. I was seated at a 2-top since I was a just a single person. What? No counter-service available? No worries. This allows me sort of deal with my stuff on my own. My only issue is at I was seated at a 2-top that was kind of obscured by a machine… so while other tables were being asked for their drink orders it wasn’t until almost 10 minutes of sitting that I was finally asked what I wanted, which meant that I had more than enough time to look through the entire menu and give my entire order to my eventual server. My order consisted of the Home Style Chicken Sausage, Grits, Eggs, and a Biscuit. I also added a side waffle for shits ‘n giggles along with a cup of coffee. About 20 minutes after being seated, I finally get my cup of coffee… in which the runner spills part of on the table and didn’t even bother to wipe it up. We are not off to a great start thus far. Breakfast arrived… and it is exactly as I ordered it. My only concern is that there was no butter with the grits. I could have sworn that grits and butter went hand in hand… it’s how I’ve always eaten them in the past, no reason to change that up now. So I ended up stealing the butter meant for my biscuit instead to use in the grits. The waffle was decent enough… slightly on the sweet end. It could almost be used in a waffle sandwich if eaten almost immediately. I screwed up and ate half initially and then went back to finish it near the end of my entire meal… at that point it was rather rubbery. Chicken sausage was decently prepared, if not a bit overlooked on the outside, but the sausage patties were nicely seasoned. Scrambled eggs were fresh eggs and not some pre-mix… I could easily pick up what was egg whites and yolks, so that actually made me happy. And then there is the hockey puck biscuit… the outside was so tough. I’m expecting an easily opened/torn biscuit but instead it became breaking apart into pieces to eat. The insides were delicious, but again the outside was overdone. The final note I’m going to have on this place… the cleanliness. Obviously I was concerned when the runner spilled some of the coffee on the table and failed to immediate clean it up, hell… it could have been cleaned up at any point during the meal but it

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